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Wed 24 November 2004

Keep Your Fork

So here's the plan as I am formulating it in my ... brain:

  • I leave Albany around 7 (ugh) or 8am on Thursday
  • Given that little blue is a fragile old car, I should take it easy, making the trip take roughly 4 hours.
  • So that puts me in Bellmore around noon, to bask in the warmth of my family's unconditional love.
  • Then, we start eating.

Is there anything you guys would like me to make or bring? I make a pretty awesome apple crisp if no one is making that already. I figure I'll head back to Albany Sunday morning, provided I am not driven mad by couch-sleeping. The prospect of Bob and Tim working on Thanksgiving sounds sort of crappy, but I recall having to work (at least during the day) on Thanksgiving when I was at The King.

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Another good reason to be thankful

Tue 23 November 2004

Hey all,

I am looking forward to our Thanksgiving dinner and everyone visiting. Mike, I have a special treat for you in the carbonated beverage department. Maybe you can guess? Bob and Tim, there will be extra pie for you if you are not working Thanksgiving. Debbie, sweetie, I will ...

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