Picnic Table Update

Mon 08 September 2014

This past weekend, as planned, I sanded and stained the new picnic table. I bought a (unfortunately flimsy) 3M hand sander, but as best I can tell it did the job OK. I couldn't justify the cost of a power sander for such a small project, but maybe if I continue to do things like this it'll be good to add to my growing collection of woodworking gear.

After sanding, I put on a coat of "Pre-Stain", which allegedly works all kind of magic on the wood fibers, and makes them ready to accept the pigment. I bought a nice Purdy brush to apply the pre-stain with --- which reminds me, I need to clean that brush!

The stain went on pretty easily. I bought a Bag O' Rags from Home Depot and used a handful of them. The picture probably doesn't do it justice, but it does look much nicer now. Apparently stain also protects wood from splitting and chipping, which I didn't know. We'll see if that holds true.

Picnic Table

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