I couldn't help it...

Wed 24 November 2004

Keep Your Fork

So here's the plan as I am formulating it in my ... brain:

  • I leave Albany around 7 (ugh) or 8am on Thursday
  • Given that little blue is a fragile old car, I should take it easy, making the trip take roughly 4 hours.
  • So that puts me in Bellmore around noon, to bask in the warmth of my family's unconditional love.
  • Then, we start eating.

Is there anything you guys would like me to make or bring? I make a pretty awesome apple crisp if no one is making that already. I figure I'll head back to Albany Sunday morning, provided I am not driven mad by couch-sleeping. The prospect of Bob and Tim working on Thanksgiving sounds sort of crappy, but I recall having to work (at least during the day) on Thanksgiving when I was at The King.

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